Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples for CHENOPODIACEAE Atriplex

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species ↑ Morphology Preview Code
Atriplex angulata CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-15
Atriplex buchananii CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-38
Atriplex canescens CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-2
Atriplex canescens CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-2a
Atriplex cinera CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-18
Atriplex crassipes CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-24
Atriplex eardleyae CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-14
Atriplex eichleri CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-26
Atriplex fissivalvis CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-16
Atriplex heterosperma CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-31
Atriplex holocarpa CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-33
Atriplex inflata CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-17
Atriplex kochiana CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-27
Atriplex lasiantha CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-30
Atriplex leptocarpa CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-23
Atriplex limbata CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-19
Atriplex limbata CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-19a
Atriplex lindleyi CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-13
Atriplex nummularia CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-1a
Atriplex nummularia CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-1b
Atriplex nummularia CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-1c
Atriplex paludosa CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-12
Atriplex patula CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-21
Atriplex psudocampanulata CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-28
Atriplex quadrivalvata CHENOPODIACEAE 76-10-34