Pollen and Spore Atlas

Howittia trilocularis MALVACEAE

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equatorial view
equatorial view


Pollen / Spore Morphologic Type(s) Surface Pattern(s) Equatorial Size Polar Size Equatorial Shape(s) Grain Arrangement(s)
min max mean min max mean
pollen echinate 39.0 60.0 54.0 39.0 60.0 54.0 circular monad

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Wall Thickness 3.0
Pore Shape(s) circular
Pore Size 5
Morphology Notes pantoporate. Subspheroidal. Pores 4 to 6, circular, 5 u wide. 54 (39-60). Exine 3, with spines 5 u high, 3.5 u at base.

Ecology and Geography

Plant Type Cotyledon Type Floristic Region(s)
angiosperm dicot Other

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Collector ANU Access Code
Collector no. 1296, Exchange slide, Sydney 2992

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