Pollen and Spore Atlas

Tasmannia lanceolata WINTERACEAE

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Pollen / Spore Morphologic Type(s) Surface Pattern(s) Equatorial Size Polar Size Equatorial Shape(s) Grain Arrangement(s)
min max mean min max mean
pollen reticulate 31.0 39.5 36.0 31.0 39.5 36.0 circular tetrads

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Wall Thickness 3.5
Morphology Notes Tetrahedral, heteropolar, united in tetrads; each grain with distal aperture. 36 (31-39) in diameter. Exine 3.5, reticulate; area surrounding aperture smooth. = Drimys lanceolata.

Ecology and Geography

Plant Type Cotyledon Type Floristic Region(s)
angiosperm dicot Australia (tropical)

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Common Name mountain pepper
Ecology Notes (Poir.)A.C.Smith
Habitat Notes 877, Atherton Forestry Herbarium, K 281
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ANU Access Code

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Collection Site Queensland, R 99
Collection Country Australia