Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples in Australia (mountains over 500m)

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species ↑ Morphology Preview Code
Olearia algida ASTERACEAE 286-7-24
Olearia algida ASTERACEAE 286-7-24a
Olearia argophylla ASTERACEAE 286-7-42
Olearia chrysophylla ASTERACEAE 286-7-41
Olearia erubescens ASTERACEAE 286-7-5
Olearia lirata ASTERACEAE 286-7-25
Olearia lirata ASTERACEAE 286-7-25a
Olearia megalophylla ASTERACEAE 286-7-26
Olearia microphylla ASTERACEAE 286-7-4
Olearia phlogopappa var subrepanda ASTERACEAE 286-7-27a
Olearia sp ASTERACEAE 286-7-8
Parantennaria uniceps ASTERACEAE 286-127-1
Parantennaria uniceps ASTERACEAE 286-127-1a
Podolepis robusta ASTERACEAE 286-73-4
Podolepis robusta ASTERACEAE 286-73-4a
Senecio gunnii ASTERACEAE 286-11-12
Senecio lautus ASTERACEAE 286-11-11
Senecio lautus ASTERACEAE 286-11-11a
Senecio lautus ASTERACEAE 286-11-11b
Senecio linearifolius ASTERACEAE 286-11-27
Senecio sp ASTERACEAE 286-11-26
Silybum marianum ASTERACEAE 286-4-1
Solenogyne bellioides ASTERACEAE 286-133-1
Taraxacum officinale ASTERACEAE fenestrate
equatorial view
equatorial view