Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples in Australia (south coast)

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species ↑ Morphology Preview Code
Calocephalus drummondii ASTERACEAE 286-103-2
Calotis erinacea ASTERACEAE 286-24-10
Calotis erinacea ASTERACEAE 286-24-10b
Calotis erinacea ASTERACEAE 286-24-10c
Calotis erinacea ASTERACEAE 286-24-10d
Calotis kempei ASTERACEAE 286-24-12
Carduus tenuiflorus ASTERACEAE tricolporate
equatorial view
equatorial view
Carthamus lanatus ASTERACEAE tricolporate
equatorial view
equatorial view
Cassinia laevis ASTERACEAE 286-105-5b
Cassinia punctata ASTERACEAE 286-105-8
Cassinia spectabilis ASTERACEAE 286-105-7
Cassinia spectabilis ASTERACEAE 286-105-7a
Centaurea solstitialis ASTERACEAE
equatorial view
equatorial view
Centipeda cunninghamii ASTERACEAE 286-25-2
Ceratogyne obionoides ASTERACEAE 286-170-1a
Chondrilla juncea ASTERACEAE 286-193-1
Chrysanthemoides monilifera ASTERACEAE 286-126-1
Chrysanthemoides monilifera ASTERACEAE 286-126-1a
Chrysanthemum foeniculaceum ASTERACEAE 286-163-1
Chrysanthemum parthenium ASTERACEAE 286-163-2
Chthonocephalus pseudovax ASTERACEAE 286-192-1
Cichorium intybus ASTERACEAE 286-131-1a
Cichorium intybus ASTERACEAE 286-131-1b
Cirsium vulgare ASTERACEAE 286-20-1b
Conyza bonariensis ASTERACEAE 286-139-2