Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples in Maritime Southeast Asia

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species Morphology Preview ↑ Code
Quercus pseudo-molucca FAGACEAE 59-1-33a
Quercus lamponga FAGACEAE 59-1-34
Quercus jordane FAGACEAE 59-1-36
Quercus bulusanensis FAGACEAE 59-1-37
Quercus pruinosa FAGACEAE 59-1-38
Quercus woodii FAGACEAE 59-1-39
Quercus philippinensis FAGACEAE 59-1-40
Quercus dasystachya FAGACEAE 59-1-41
Quercus dasystachya FAGACEAE 59-1-41a
Quercus soleriana FAGACEAE 59-1-42
Quercus spicata FAGACEAE 59-1-43
Quercus robinsonii FAGACEAE 59-1-44
Quercus sundaica FAGACEAE 59-1-46
Quercus hystrix FAGACEAE 59-1-5
Quercus hystrix FAGACEAE 59-1-5a
Quercus hystrix FAGACEAE 59-1-5b
Quercus subserioea FAGACEAE 59-1-76
Quercus steenisii FAGACEAE 59-1-77
Quercus oidocarpa FAGACEAE 59-1-79
Quercus omalokos FAGACEAE 59-1-8
Castanopsis philippiensis FAGACEAE 59-4-10
Castanopsis hullettii FAGACEAE 59-4-4a
Castanopsis sumatrana FAGACEAE 59-4-9
Castanopsis sumatrana FAGACEAE 59-4-9a
Pasania hystrix FAGACEAE 59-5-1