Pollen and Spore Atlas

Triumfetta rhomboidea TILIACEAE

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equatorial view
equatorial view
polar view
polar view
surface pattern
surface pattern
wall view
wall view
aperture view
aperture view
unique feature
unique feature


Pollen / Spore Morphologic Type(s) Surface Pattern(s) Equatorial Size Polar Size Equatorial Shape(s) Polar Shape(s)
min max mean min max mean
pollen tricolporate reticulate 52.0 30.0 prolate,
rectangular (broad)

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Exine Type(s) semitectate
Colpus Length(s) > 2/3
Pore Colpus(es) 3
Morphology Notes Tricolporate. Pore aperture transverse colpi, three pores, thins near colpus. Exine structure prolate with very thick approximately 3um, heavy reticulated. Prominant single round column evenly spaced columnellae on single row under muri. Lumina microret <1um. Structure: semi-tectate, per-reticulate,homobrocate with adjacent lumina similar size openings.

Ecology and Geography

Plant Type Cotyledon Type Floristic Region(s) Habit Terrestrial(s)
angiosperm dicot China (tropical),
Maritime Southeast Asia,
Australia (tropical),
Australia (east coast),
Northwest Pacific,
West Pacific,
Central Pacific,
Hawaiian Islands,
Other outside Australasia

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Vegetation Community(-ties) scrub and/or heathland
Common Name Triumfetta burr, chinese burr
Habitat Notes Widespread tropical and sub-tropical plant often called a "weed"
Herbarium Link:


Purnomo 36

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Collection Site Jawa Timur,Lumajang
Collection Country Indonesia
Collection Date 1998-08-12
Preparation Method Cor, KOH, acet, saf
Slide Medium silicon
Preparation Date 2007-12-14
Collection Notes Processed at the Pollen Laboratory, University of Minnesota, USA from the collecton of Ed Cushing, slide ref. B3350. Kimberley Region, Western Australian Pollen Flora