Pollen and Spore Atlas

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Species ↑ Morphology Preview Code
Chamaemelum auriculatum ASTERACEAE 286-266-1
Chrysopsis hispida ASTERACEAE 286-39-1
Chrysopsis villosus ASTERACEAE 286-39-2
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ASTERACEAE 286-40-1
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ASTERACEAE 286-40-1a
Chuquiraga columbiana ASTERACEAE 286-149-1
Chuquiraga macrocephala ASTERACEAE 286-149-3
Cichorium intybus ASTERACEAE 286-131-1
Cirsium lanceolatum ASTERACEAE 286-20-2
Cirsium neomexicanum ASTERACEAE
equatorial view
equatorial view
Cirsium ochroscentrum ASTERACEAE 286-20-3
Cirsium syriaca ASTERACEAE 286-20-5
Clibadium surinamense ASTERACEAE 286-121-1a
Cnicus benedictus ASTERACEAE 286-315-1
Coreopsis lanceolata ASTERACEAE 286-128-1
Coreopsis rosea ASTERACEAE 286-128-2
Corethrogyne filaginifolia ASTERACEAE 286-41-1
Cosmos caudatus ASTERACEAE 286-150-1
Cotula moseleyi ASTERACEAE 286-76-4
Cousinia compacta ASTERACEAE
equatorial view
equatorial view
Crepis intemedia ASTERACEAE 286-42-1
Crossocephalum pocardifolium ASTERACEAE 286-267-1
Dahlia coccinea ASTERACEAE 286-117-1
Dasyphyllum ferox ASTERACEAE 286-268-1
Dicoma kiikii ASTERACEAE 286-246-1