Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples in Papua New Guinea (highland)

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species ↑ Morphology Preview Code
Scirpus cassiusculus CYPERACEAE 12-1-4a
Scirpus inundatus CYPERACEAE 12-1-8
Scirpus mucronatus CYPERACEAE 12-1-3b
Scirpus ternatanus CYPERACEAE 12-1-7
Scleria pergracilis CYPERACEAE 12-18-3
Scleria pergracilis CYPERACEAE 12-18-3a
Scleria polycarpa CYPERACEAE 12-18-4
Thoracostachyum sumatranum CYPERACEAE 12-27-1
Tetrameles nudiflora DATISCACEAE tricolporate
polar view
polar view
equatorial view
equatorial view
surface pattern
surface pattern
Arthropteris palisotii DAVALLIACEAE 407-14-2-2
Humata deltoides DAVALLIACEAE monolete
Scyphularia pentaphylla DAVALLIACEAE 407-13-3-1
Dennstaedtia cuneata DENNSTAEDTIACEAE monolete
Dennstaedtia sp DENNSTAEDTIACEAE 407-11-4-1-(4711-4-1)
Histiopteris incisa DENNSTAEDTIACEAE 407-11-3-1c
Hypolepis sp DENNSTAEDTIACEAE 407-11-2-1
Hypolepis sp DENNSTAEDTIACEAE monolete
Culcita villosa DICKSONIACEAE 407-10-2-1
Dicksonia hieronymi DICKSONIACEAE 407-10-1-2
Dicksonia hieronymi DICKSONIACEAE trilete
Hibbertia sp DILLENIACEAE 182-1-7
Saurauia sp DILLENIACEAE 182-2-10
Saurauia sp DILLENIACEAE 182-2-11
Saurauia sp DILLENIACEAE 182-2-13
Saurauia sp DILLENIACEAE 182-2-14