Pollen and Spore Atlas

Acronychia pullei RUTACEAE

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Pollen / Spore Morphologic Type(s) Surface Pattern(s) Equatorial Size Polar Size Equatorial Shape(s) Grain Arrangement(s)
min max mean min max mean
pollen tricolporate reticulate 27.0 30.0 28.0 18.0 21.0 20.0 prolate monad

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Surface Pattern 'reticulate':
Murus Formation 3
Wall Thickness 2.4
Pore Shape(s) lalongate
Morphology Notes Tricolporate. Prolate in ev. Pore lalongate. 28 (27-30) x 20 (18-21). Exine 2.4, sexine lt nexine; retipilate/reticulate.

Ecology and Geography

Plant Type Cotyledon Type Floristic Region(s)
angiosperm dicot Papua New Guinea (highland),
Papua New Guinea (lowland)

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Collector ANU Access Code
Brass 4883, New York Herbarium CSIRO 9763

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Collection Site Central Province, Mt Tafa
Collection Country Papua New Guinea