Pollen and Spore Atlas

Luffa cylindrica CUCURBITACEAE

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equatorial view
equatorial view
polar view
polar view
surface pattern
surface pattern
wall view
wall view
aperture view
aperture view
unique feature
unique feature


Pollen / Spore Morphologic Type(s) Surface Pattern(s) Equatorial Size Polar Size Equatorial Shape(s) Polar Shape(s) Grain Arrangement(s)
min max mean min max mean
pollen tricolporate reticulate 66.4 72.0 69.6 64.3 76.4 69.9 subprolate circular monad

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Aperture Count(s) 3
Surface Pattern 'reticulate':
Reticulum Shape equa-diameter
Murus Formation 3
Murus Complexity(-ties) simplicolumellate
Reticulum Homogeneity(-ties) homobrochate
Wall Thickness 3.0
Pore Shape(s) circular (with annulus)
Pore Size 5.2 - 9.9
Colpus Length(s) full
Pore Colpus(es) 1
Morphology Notes Oblate spheroidal in ev, circular in pv. Pore circular, thickened, with patterned membranes. 63 (60-66) x 66 (63-70). Exine average 3um, sexine gt nexine; retipilate, with units smaller toward apertures.

Ecology and Geography

Plant Type Cotyledon Type Floristic Region(s) Habit Terrestrial(s) Cultivated
angiosperm dicot Papua New Guinea (lowland) herb true

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Common Name loofah, sponge gourd
Habitat Notes Flowers yellow
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Collector Institution ANU Access Code
L. J. Brass No. 26039 ANU 11376

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Collection Site Fergusson Island
Collection Country Papua New Guinea
Collection Date 2004-06-17
Collection Altitude 15.0
Collection Notes Kimberley Region, Western Australian Pollen Flora