Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples in Papua New Guinea (lowland)

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species Morphology Preview ↑ Code
Tetramolopium sp ASTERACEAE 286-93-2
Podocarpus neriifolius PODOCARPACEAE 305-1-10
Podocarpus neriifolius PODOCARPACEAE 305-1-10e
Podocarpus sp PODOCARPACEAE 305-1-22
Dacrycarpus cinctus PODOCARPACEAE 305-7-1
Falcatifolium papuanum PODOCARPACEAE 305-9-1
Agathis labillardieri ARAUCARIACEAE 308-2-2
Agathis sp ARAUCARIACEAE 308-2-3
Agathis robusta ARAUCARIACEAE 308-2-7e
Gnetum gnemon var gnemon GNETACEAE 311-1-1a
Gnetum gnemon GNETACEAE 311-1-3b
Gnetum sp GNETACEAE 311-1-5
Astelia papuana ASTELIACEAE 32-16-1a
Astelia papuana ASTELIACEAE monocolpate (monosulcate)
Geitonoplesium cymosum LUZURIAGACEAE 32-20-1b
Eurycles silvestris AMARYLLIDACEAE 34-16-1
Crinum sp AMARYLLIDACEAE 34-7-2
Dioscorea pentaphylla DIOSCOREACEAE 37-1-4
Heliconia sp SCITAMINEAE 39-2-1
Lycopodium sp LYCOPODIACEAE 401-1-14
Lycopodium sp LYCOPODIACEAE 401-1-15
Lycopodium sp LYCOPODIACEAE trilete
Lycopodium cernuum LYCOPODIACEAE 401-1-17
Lycopodium cernuum LYCOPODIACEAE 401-1-17a
Lycopodium volubile LYCOPODIACEAE 401-1-18