Pollen and Spore Atlas

Samples in Papua New Guinea (lowland)

The samples displayed can be filtered by physical attributes, including morphologic type and surface pattern, and sizes in micrometers (µm):

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Species Morphology Preview ↑ Code
Microsorium scolopendria POLYPODIACEAE 407-29-2-11
Plagiogyria glauca PLAGIOGYRIACEAE 407-29-22-2
Microsorium cromwelli POLYPODIACEAE 407-29-2-7a-(4729-2-7a)
Microsorium sp POLYPODIACEAE 407-29-2-9
Seliguea sp POLYPODIACEAE 407-29-3-4
Pyrrosia achrostichoides POLYPODIACEAE 407-29-5-3
Donax cannaeformis MARANTACEAE 42-1-1
Corsia sp BURMANNIACEAE 43-1-1
Phreatia sp ORCHIDACEAE 44-14-1
Spathoglottis plicata ORCHIDACEAE 44-25-1
Gymnostoma poissonianum CASUARINACEAE 45-2-5
Gymnostoma papuanum CASUARINACEAE 45-2-8a
Piper celtidiforme PIPERACEAE 47-2-10
Piper sp PIPERACEAE 47-2-5
Quercus sp. FAGACEAE 59-1-24
Nothofagus rubra FAGACEAE pantocolpate
Castanopsis acuminatissima FAGACEAE 59-4-1
Castanopsis acuminatissima FAGACEAE 59-4-1b
Castanopsis acuminatissima FAGACEAE 59-4-1c
Castanopsis schlenckerae FAGACEAE 59-4-6
Pasania sp FAGACEAE 59-5-5
Pasania sp FAGACEAE 59-5-8
Pasania sp FAGACEAE 59-5-9
Lithocarpus sp FAGACEAE 59-6-16
Lithocarpus sp FAGACEAE 59-6-5