Pollen and Spore Atlas

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Species ↑ Morphology Preview Code
Whilpeldia brazzae ACANTHACEAE 271-47-1
Whitfieldia elongata ACANTHACEAE 271-48-1
Acer barbinerve ACERACEAE 166-1-3
Acer caudatum ACERACEAE 166-1-4
Acer caudatum ACERACEAE 166-1-4a
Acer cinerascens ACERACEAE
equatorial view
equatorial view
Acer circinatum ACERACEAE 166-1-5
Acer cissifolium ACERACEAE 166-1-6
Acer dasycarpum ACERACEAE 166-1-7
Acer floridanum ACERACEAE 166-1-8
Acer ginnala ACERACEAE 166-1-12
Acer glabrum ACERACEAE 166-1-9
Acer glabrum ACERACEAE 166-1-9a
Acer grandidentatum ACERACEAE 166-1-14
Acer laurinum ACERACEAE tricolpate
polar view
polar view
equatorial view
equatorial view
surface pattern
surface pattern
Acer macrophyllum ACERACEAE 166-1-13
Acer macrophyllum ACERACEAE 166-1-13a
Acer negundo ACERACEAE 166-1-2
Acer nigrum ACERACEAE 166-1-10
Acer pentaponicum ACERACEAE 166-1-17
Acer plantanoides ACERACEAE 166-1-16
Acer pseudoplatanus ACERACEAE 166-1-15
Acer rubrum ACERACEAE 166-1-1
Acer rubrum ACERACEAE spare-5160
Acer saccharum ACERACEAE 166-1-11