Pollen and Spore Atlas

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Sparganium simplex SPARGANIACEAE 3-1-1
Sparganium simplex SPARGANIACEAE monoporate
equatorial view
equatorial view
Sparganium sp SPARGANIACEAE 3-1-2
Sparganium subglobosum SPARGANIACEAE 3-1-7
Sphagnum cristata SPHAGNACEAE moss-12740
Sphagnum fimbriatum SPHAGNACEAE moss-4091
Sphagnum nemorum SPHAGNACEAE moss-4093
Sphagnum squarrosum SPHAGNACEAE moss-4092
Sphagnum tenellum SPHAGNACEAE moss-4090
Splachnum ampullaceum SPLACHNACEAE moss-15301
Tayloria octoblepharis SPLACHNACEAE moss-8725
Tetraclodon mnoioides SPLACHNACEAE moss-15302
Macgregoria racemigera STACKHOUSIACEAE tricolporate
Stackhousia flava STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-5
Stackhousia intermedia STACKHOUSIACEAE tricolporate
polar view
polar view
equatorial view
equatorial view
surface pattern
surface pattern
Stackhousia minima STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-4
Stackhousia monogyna STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-3a
Stackhousia monogyna STACKHOUSIACEAE tricolporate
Stackhousia monogyna STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-3c
Stackhousia monogyna STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-3d
Stackhousia monogyna STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-3p
Stackhousia nuisicata STACKHOUSIACEAE tricolporate
Stackhousia pubescens STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-8
Stackhousia pulvinaris STACKHOUSIACEAE tricolporate
Stackhousia sp STACKHOUSIACEAE 163-1-11