Pollen and Spore Atlas

Welcome to the Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas

The Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas (APSA) is designed to enable free online accessibility to the largest collection of pollen and spores information in the Australasian region. The collection currently holds details on over 15,000 species.

On this site you can search using any word, or browse according to family and genus, by collection location, or all species, additionally filtering the results by the physical attributes of an unknown pollen grain or spore.


The APSA collection contains many significant and interesting taxa—here's a few sample images currently stored in the collection:

75-2-36 equatorial view 32-5-2 equatorial view 204-1-1 surface pattern
Polygonum orientale
Lilium formosanum
Passiflora aurantia

Image not available yet?

If we don't have any images for the species you are interested in then please contact us and we will do our best to add a description and image to the collection as soon as possible.

Contributions always welcome

If you would like to contribute to the APSA collection we offer a pre-designed template for the FileMaker database that you can use to collect pollen and spore data in an APSA compatible format. Please refer to the APSA about page for more information on contributing to the project.

Get in touch

We welcome feedback, comments, suggestions on the APSA project and this website. Please see the APSA contacts page for contact details.