Quintinia sieberi SAXIFRAGACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID117-3-1c
Common namebrown possumwood, pink corkwood


Pollen / Sporepollen
Morphologic type5-colporate , zonocolporate
Surface patternreticulate
Equatorial sizemin 15.5, mean 16, max 17.5
Polar sizemin 15.5, mean 16, max 17.5
Equatorial shapecircular
Polar shapecircular
Grain arrangementdicot
Pore surface shapelalongate
Wall thickness1.8
Dispersal formmonad
Morphology notes5-colporate, 6-colporate. Spheroidal in ev, circular with indents at apertures in pv. Pore lalongate. 16 (15-17) x 16 (15-17). Exine 1.8, faintly reticulate.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typeangiosperm
Floristic region(s)Australia (mountains over 500m)
Ecology notesDC
Habitat notesOpen countryside with scattered small wooded patches and much Acacia melanoxylon.


CollectorR. Pullen, 3897
ANU access code4652
Collection site~ 2 miles E of Robertson, Southern Highlands, New South Wales
Collection countryAustralia
Collection notesscanned card
Equatorial view