Kylinga brevifolia CYPERACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID12-13-1a
Common nameshortleaf spikesedge


Pollen / Sporepollen
Morphologic typeinaperturate
Surface patternpsilate
Equatorial sizemean 24
Polar sizemean 20
Grain arrangementmonocot
Exine typetectate
Morphology notesPsilate/tectate. Irregular, sometimes elongated. Pore aperture poorly defined and thin.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typeangiosperm
Floristic region(s)Hawaiian Islands , East Pacific Islands , Sub-tropical Pacific , Other outside Australasia , Papua New Guinea (lowland) , Australia (east coast)
Habit aquatic(s)emergent
Vegetation communitiesdisturbed/anthropogenic, scrub and/or heathland
Habitat notesIt is native to tropical areas in the Americas but it can be found in warm regions around the world where it is an introduced species. This is a rhizomatous perennial herb growing one to several erect stems to heights up to about half a meter, often much shorter. It produces tiny inflorescences of a few spikelets each which in total are less than a centimeter long. It is sometimes a weed in wet areas such as cultivated land and irrigation ditches. On Rapa Nui (Easter Island)tends to dominate treeless uplands of the island today.


CollectorCurtis 6665
Collection siteFlorida, Polk Co.
Collection countryUnited States of America
Collection date1900-06-17
Collection notesProcessed at the Pollen Laboratory, University of Minnesota, USA from the collecton of Ed Cushing, slide ref. B3655.
Equatorial view
Polar view
Surface pattern
Wall view
Aperture view
Unique feature