Tieghemopanax sambucifolius ARALIACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID231-10-1b
Common nameelderberry panax, ornamental ash


Pollen / Sporepollen
Surface patternreticulate
Equatorial sizemin 33.5, mean 35, max 36.5
Polar sizemin 24.5, mean 26, max 28
Equatorial shapeprolate
Polar shapetriangular
Grain arrangementdicot
Pore surface shapelalongate
Wall thickness3
Dispersal formmonad
Morphology notesTricolporate. Prolate in ev, triangular in pv. Pore lalongate, butterfly-shaped, patterned. 35 (33-36) x 26 (24-28). Exine 3, finely reticulate.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typeangiosperm
Floristic region(s)Australia (mountains over 500m)
Ecology notesAraliaceae Tieghemopanax sambucifolius (DC.) R.Vig. -- Bulletin de la Soci?t? Botanique de France 53 1905 (APNI) Araliaceae Tieghemopanax sambucifolius Viguier -- in Bull. Soc. Bot. France lii. (1905) 310. (IK)


CollectorJ. H. Willis
ANU access code12166
Collection siteVictoria, Victorian Alps, Mt Buffalo, North Buffalo saddle at SE foot of Anderson Peak. In woolly-butt forest at 4200 ft
Collection countryAustralia
Collection altitude1280.16
Collection date1963-02-20

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