Basilicum polystachyon LAMIACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID259-28-1


Pollen / Sporepollen
Morphologic typezonocolpate
Surface patternreticulate
Equatorial sizemin 24, mean 27, max 30
Polar sizemin 28, mean 32, max 36
Equatorial shapesuboblate
Polar shapehexalobate
Grain arrangementdicot
Wall thickness3
Dispersal formmonad
Morphology notes6-colpate, zonocolpate. Suboblate in ev, lobed in pv. 27 (24-30) x 32 (28-36). Exine 3, sexine gt nexine; reticulate/retipilate.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typeangiosperm
Floristic region(s)Australia (tropical)
Habitat notesGrowing in black soil at edges of treeless dried waterhole in small creek


CollectorP. K. Latz 580 (AD)
ANU access code7001
Collection siteNorthern Territory, Boree Creek, 6 miles N of no. 48 Bore, Brunette Downs
Collection countryAustralia
Collection notesKimberley Region, Western Australian Pollen Flora
Equatorial view
Polar view
Surface pattern
Wall view
Aperture view
Unique feature