Podocarpus nivalis PODOCARPACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID305-1-36b
Common namesnow totara


Pollen / Sporepollen
Morphologic typesaccate
Surface patternscabrate
Equatorial sizemin 23.6, mean 30.1, max 38.2
Polar sizemin 15.6, mean 21.6, max 25.5
Polar shapecircular
Aperture count2
Dispersal formmonad
Morphology notesBisaccate. Above measurements are for the corpus. Bladder polar width: 19.7 (17.3-22.5). Bladder equatorial width: 16.2 (12.7-20.8). Corpus circular to subcircular. Sacci slightly larger than corpus. Exine 2 um thick, intrapunctate-verrucate. Sacci intrareticulate, meshes 5 um in diameter.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typegymnosperm
Floristic region(s)New Zealand (north) , New Zealand and Islands (south)
Ecology notesPreviously called: Podocarpus montanus


CollectorExchange sldie, Amsterdam
InstitutionExchange slide Amsterdam
ANU access code6764
Collection notesPhotographed

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