Polystichum archboldii DRYOPTERIDACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID407-23-6-2


Pollen / Sporespore
Morphologic typemonolete
Equatorial sizemin 33, mean 50, max 56
Polar sizemin 33, mean 40, max 42
Equatorial shapebilateral
Aperture count1
Wall thickness1
Dispersal formmonad
Morphology notesMonolete. Subcircular to oval. Perine present. Laesura simple, not on perine; extends 1/2 to 2/3 length of grain. Crest of margo elevated. Perine up to 7 u thick, coarsely sculptured, reticulate on surface

Ecology and Geography

Plant typefern
Floristic region(s)Papua New Guinea (highland)
Habitat notesGround fern


CollectorHoogland & Pullen 5710
ANU access code2453
Collection siteEastern Highlands Province, Chimbu District, Mt Wilhelm, eastern slopes, near Lake Aunde
Collection countryPapua New Guinea

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