Adiantum hispidulum ADIANTACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID407-8-1-2c


Pollen / Sporespore
Morphologic typetrichotomosulcate
Surface patternscabrate , verrucate
Equatorial sizemin 42, mean 47, max 52
Polar sizemin 25, mean 28, max 30
Polar shapetriangular
Wall thickness2.4
Morphology notesTrilete, radiosymmetric, heteropolar. Amb triangular with broad rounded angles. Laesurae extend to 2/3 radius; broad irregular commissures extend beyond laesurae. 28 (25-30) x 47 (42-52). Exine 2.4, slightly scabrate on distal face. Perine loose but when present is verrucate.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typefern
Floristic region(s)Australia (arid)
Ecology notesSwartz
Habitat noteslocally frequent at base of wet shaded rock walls near pool in narrow Ravine


CollectorJ. H. Willis
ANU access code12268
Collection siteTalla Putta springs, in NT Palmer Range C, Northern Territory
Collection countryAustralia
Collection date1966-07-24

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