Vittaria elongata VITTARIACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID407-9-1-3a
Common nametape fern, shoestring fern


Pollen / Sporespore
Morphologic typemonolete
Surface patternpsilate
Equatorial sizemean 50
Polar sizemean 20
Equatorial shapeprolate
Wall thickness2

Ecology and Geography

Plant typefern
Floristic region(s)India (tropical) , East Pacific Islands , China (tropical) , Other outside Australasia , Maritime Southeast Asia , Papua New Guinea (highland) , Papua New Guinea (lowland) , Australia (tropical)
Habitat notesTropical and warm. In fissures between blocks, with moss and in the craters of Rano Aroi and Rano Kao on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Distributed thru Nepal on mossy tree trunks and branches in forested areas. Also in India, Sri Lanka, southern China, Taiwan, southeast Asia, the Phillipines, Polynesia and tropical Australia and Africa. Gossen noted Vittaria growing across the mat as a response to a wet winter season. Previous observation noted that Vittaria did not grow away from the margins in 2005 during a dry season. Therefor the fern is very moisture sensitive and responsive.


CollectorGray 4790
ANU access code868
Collection siteBritish New Guinea
Collection countryPapua New Guinea
Collection date1906-01-01
Equatorial view
Polar view
Surface pattern
Wall view
Aperture view
Unique feature