Cyperus cyperoides CYPERACEAE

Sample information

Sample ID12-35-32
Common namepacific island flatsedge


Pollen / Sporepollen
Morphologic typeinaperturate
Surface patternpsilate
Equatorial sizemin 30, mean 34, max 38
Polar sizemean 25
Grain arrangementmonocot
Aperture count4
Pore colpuses4
Exine typetectate
Morphology notesPeriporate. Pore aperture irregular,often broken and poorly defined. Tectate/psilate. Exine 1.5um thick. Ovoid to pear shaped. Lacunae length more than 20% of grain.

Ecology and Geography

Plant typeangiosperm
Floristic region(s)Australia (south coast) , Northwest Pacific , Central Pacific , East Pacific Islands , Other outside Australasia , Maritime Southeast Asia , Australia (tropical) , Australia (east coast)
Habitat notes Common in wet patches. Can be found in woodland and forest cover as well as open grassy slopes and river banks. Uncommon in disturbed places. Common from sea level to 2000m. Madagascar, the Comoro and Mascarene islands, Africa, Australasia/Pacific and Asia. North slope of Rano Kao, Rapa Nui (Easter Island)found by Skottsberg 1920. Also found in the fossil pollen record of KAO3 Rano Kao. (Gossen,2010).


Collection countryEritrea
Collection notesRef slide at Univ. of Minnesota #DL6331 (EJ Cushing).

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